Step One – Choosing Your Blog Domain

You need to have an address for your blog. For example This is the unique address that you use for people to find your blog on the internet. Just like having your unique phone number you need a unique domain name.
You need to think of a domain name that suits you, but also that has not been taken by someone else.

You can use an existing domain name as well.

Getting The Right Domain

The name of your blog is important. Either choose a memorable name or a descriptive name. Follow these tips to create a good domain name.

  • -Make it easy to remeber
  • -Easy to spell
  • -Get a .com domain. A .net or .org is ok as well if you can’t get the .com
  • -Make it short. (e.g. cookingblog instead of )
  • -Register the domain for over two years.

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